Chemex: makes filter coffee taste great! Here’s how…


Step 1:
Place the Chemex-bonded Filter Paper in a cone (one side should have three layers – see folding instructions in the pack), then put the cone in the top of your Chemex with the thick portion toward the pouring spout.

Step 2:
Pour enough recently boiled water onto the filter to wet it out and pre-warm the device

Step 3: 
Place approximately six grams of regular or automatic grind coffee per 100ml of water into the filter, aiming for an level spread of grounds – use more coffee if you like it strong (you will never experience any bitterness in Chemex brewed coffee)

Step 4:
Boil up some water (preferably natural spring or purified water), remove it from the heat until the boiling subsides (it should be at about 93/94°C, the ideal brewing temperature); saturate the coffee grounds through but don’t flood the filter so that they float – wait for the grounds to “bloom” – the all important step that release the desirable elements of the coffee

Step 5:
Once you have a nice bloom happening add more water soaking the grounds each time, making sure the water level doesn’t rise too high. The best method is to aim for a circular motion starting from the inside to the outside (without touching the edge); this encourages turbulence allowing the coffee to draw through and ideally you’ll end up with a dome shaped mound of coffee grounds, similar in shape to your filter

Step 6:
Once you’ve finished brewing, lift out the filter – and enjoy!


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The Chemex coffeemaker, designed by a chemist in 1941, makes a perfect cup of filter brew each time. Used in conjunction with the specially bonded filters, all the bitter causing elements such as the coffee sediment and oils found in the grounds stay out of your cup whilst all the desirable elements of the bean make their way through (this is what the Chemex folk call fractional extraction), for a richer coffee flavour.

Best results are achieved using a normal or medium grind to ensure the correct filtration rate and spring or purified water are best to prevent tainting the coffee flavour. A proper brewing method and infusion time are paramount.