Lino coffee cups by notNeutral have arrived

Veneziano is pleased to announce the arrival of the premium Lino coffee cup collection of commercial grade porcelain cups, by notNeutral (California).

The Lino coffee cup range, already recognised for product and design excellence, was designed in collaboration with award winning baristas from Intelligentsia creating a cup that combines the ideal shape and functionality.

A distinctive feature of the Lino cup is the curved inner cup, allowing the optimal flow of liquids, maintaining the barista’s perfect pour. The inside ‘bowl’ shape also gives the customer better enjoyment of the coffee aroma.

These cups have a thick base for heat retention and a finer rim for a pleasant mouthfeel. The handle has been designed as a logical extension of the cup, providing the ideal thumb resting position for naturally balancing the cup in the hand.

The entire Lino range (pictured above, L) features: espresso (3oz), single cappuccino (5oz), double cappuccino (6oz), small latte (8oz), large latte (12oz) and filter coffee cup 10oz mug).

Lino was awarded Best New Product by the SCAA in 2010 and named a Finalist at the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards. Dishwasher and microwave safe, the restaurant-grade fine porcelain Lino cups will be Veneziano’s premium cup range, whilst our Inker cup collection continues as our value for money porcelain range.