Chemex: The new black?

The deceptively simple Chemex coffee flask was invented by a chemist to improve the flavour of coffee. The attractive design of the Chemex has earned it a place in the MOMA (New York) design store and we are now seeing the Chemex Coffeemaker at the high end of the Melbourne dining scene. Traditionally the after dinner coffee of choice has been the short black, a quick hit of caffeine to counteract all that rich food (and possibly rich wine) before heading home. Now restaurants recognised as the best of the best, such as Vue de Monde, are offering diners a different way to experience the after dinner coffee that better complements the food experience.

The secret to the easy drinking coffee produced by the Chemex lies in the filter papers. The ultra-thick filter removes almost all sediment and bitter oils from the coffee whilst allowing the more aromatic compounds to still permeate through. The end creation is one that a lot of Australian coffee drinkers describe as tea like. Partially because the coffee is a slightly transparent, reddish hue and partly because the body is more or less, the opposite of an espresso brew. This means that our predominately espresso culture experience the cleanest version of what we would call a filter coffee. Click here for instructions.

And let’s face it, whilst Melbourne is the home of specialty coffee in Australia, this care and attention has not percolated (excuse the pun) up to the top end restaurants. Unlike learning how to use the espresso machine, the Chemex is easy to learn meaning all wait staff can make a great coffee that better reflects the calibre of the food. In addition, the Chemex lends itself to a little table theatre; wait staff can set up and begin the brew process at the table, coming back to serve the guests or allowing the guests to help themselves when brewing is complete. This lighter, more delicate after-dinner option than a short black, provides guests with the perfect end to their dining experience and the graceful design of the glass carafe makes it a perfect match with expensive table ware. The Chemex comes in a range of sizes to suit the most popular table configurations. Ask us about our restaurant kit. Click here to purchase Chemex products.