The OPAL One machine is the perfect partner for specialty coffee pods

Introducing the arrival of the OPAL One. The first coffee pod machine specifically designed to brew specialty coffee pods and the perfect partner for our Crave and PNG single origin pods. 

What make the OPAL One superior to standard pod machines is its unique silicon brew chamber and the ability to deliver a higher pressure and temperature brewing. With an intelligent flow rate the result in the cup is a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee. 

Compatible with Nespresso® Original line capsules. 

The OPAL One is now available via our online store and will be launched in Veneziano retail cafes later in November. Customers can choose from 3 packs including: 

- Machine only 
- Starter pack including a 1-month pod supply (60 Crave pods)
- Bonus pack including a 3-month pod supply (120 Crave pods and 60 PNG pods) 

For more details on the packs click here