Ninety Plus Coffees

Ninety Plus Coffees are producers and traders of some of the world’s most exceptional beans, available only in limited quantities. Ninety Plus Coffees consistently score higher than 90 points on Coffee Review’s 100 point rating system. The coffees have achieved great success in national and World barista and brewing championships.

Ninety Plus Coffees differ from other traders and distributors precisely for that reason; because they are also producers. This allows them to have tight control over each step of harvesting, sorting, and processing techniques with the coffees they harvest. This directly influences the flavour profiles of the various seasons’ harvests, something they obsess over.

In a relatively short time they have achieved acclaim around the coffee consuming globe for their excellence in producing these limited quantity green beans and bringing these rare coffees into the hands of specialty roasters and buyers. They have their own farm in Panama, Gesha Estates where they cultivate the Gesha coffee varietal; a coffee that originates from Ethiopia. In fact it all began for Ninety Plus in Ethiopia where they nurture heirloom varietals. They’ve instilled the same growing, picking and processing protocols established with their co-producers in Ethiopia into the Panama operation to yield the same qualitative results and maximise the coffee flavour profiles.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters are thrilled to be have access to these to these exceptional coffees, carefully sampling and cupping them to end up with the most desired flavour profile. If you’ve not experienced a Ninety Plus Coffee this is something you need to put on your bucket list!

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