Pinnacle Series - Colombia CGLE Potosi

We're exciting to be launching a new Pinnacle release on Tuesday 14th June at 9am AEST. 

Colombia CGLE Potosi is intensely fruity, distinct but still balanced and articulate.

Café Granja La Esperanza (GLE) was founded in 1945 and encompasses five farms, including Potosi. The GLE team are at the forefront of high quality coffee in Colombia, experimenting with processing methods for varietals not commonly found in Colombia, as well as using grafting to better adapt exotic coffee varieties to the Colombian climate. 

This lot is processed using the Natural "X.O." process which has been a staple on the competition scene in previous years. This involves a precise, long, cool fermentation, for 48 hours, with the temperature kept below 25°celsius. It relies on all cherries being picked at a consistent sugar content to promote even fermentation. 

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Our Pinnacle Series is a selection of ultra-premium coffees, showcasing and celebrating the highest achievement in quality. These are coffees that are elusive, and unattainable – the kind that are saved for champion baristas and judges of the World Barista Championship. In very unique circumstances, we’re super excited to be able to release coffees of this kind.