What's in Specialty Pods?

Specialty Coffee Pods

What goes into Sourced coffee capsules pods?

What goes into other coffee capsules pods?

Our coffee producer from Sethuraman Estates in India, recently sent us this image (left) of a new drying bed they’ve prepared to help them cope with the extra load of R Certified specialty Robusta that we require in our unique Sourced pods blend.

Note the uniformity of the beans in size, colour and ripeness; the product of stringent quality control apt for a prized product grown under precise conditions. We are currently preparing for our annual visit to India with Kaapi Royale where we’ll be able to view the exact growing environment where this crop flourished.

As an example of the kind of coffee that you can expect in non specialty coffee capsules, refer to the image on the right of a generic coffee. You can see different levels of ripeness as indicated by colour, various sized cherries that will be processed together for the same length of time, that is bound to affect the flavour attribute ending up in the capsule and ultimately your cup.

So, if you care about taste and quality, even in a capsule, then consider Sourced coffee pods, Australia’s first specialty coffee capsules compatible with your Nespresso machine.


Specialty Coffee Pods · Veneziano Coffee Roasters provides Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods Capsules with premium grade specialty coffees, which have been roasted specifically for pod extraction. Each pod is filled with freshly ground coffee and priced from $11 per pack. 

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