Gabrel Tan is ready for Barista Championships

Gabrel Tan, Head Barista for Veneziano Richmond is looking forward to competing in his first barista competition in July at the ASCA Southern Region Championships.

Every week Gab has been fine tuning his competition routine in front of a number of Veneziano staff who have either competed in Barista and Brewing competitions or been involved on the judging side.

The competition involves presenting three sets of drinks in front of a judging panel that consists of four sensory judges and a head judge. The sets include:

1. Espresso 

2. Milk - based

3. Signature coffee beverage

 Gab working with his coach, Pete Licata (World Barista Champion 2013) has chosen a Cerro Azul natural processed coffee from our producer partners Cafe Granja La Esperanza (CGLE). They have worked together on a roast profile that will bring out some interesting tropical and chocolatey flavour notes that evolve based on the type of drink presented.

The whole Veneziano team wish Gab well on his first of many competitions.