Nomad Coffee Group goes Carbon Neutral

Nomad Coffee Group goes Carbon Neutral

As part of our ongoing commitment to the sustainable future of the coffee industry, we are incredibly proud to announce that the Nomad Coffee Group’s Australian operations have now been certified as carbon neutral by Climate Active. 

Climate Active certification is Australia’s most recognised carbon neutral certification. It requires organisations to comply with the Carbon Active Carbon Neutral Standard administered by the Australian government. 

The project commenced last year when we engaged the team at Ndevr to help us measure and understand our carbon footprint. Using 2020 as a base year we were able to identify where our largest emission sources were and where the biggest opportunity for change lay. We worked to reduce our Green House Gas emissions, with an estimated 13% reduction of 455 Tonnes of CO2e saved compared to our base year. 

This was achieved by restructuring our waste management and shifting our facilities to 100% GreenPower. Our remaining emissions of 3,171 tonnes of CO2e have now been offset through investment in a renewable energy project in India, called Winds of Change, supporting the power needs of one of the world’s fastest developing countries and a country of origin supplying beans to Nomad Coffee Group. 

This is an achievement we are extremely proud of, but we also know that our work is not done yet, and we will continue to make positive changes in our business to reduce our overall carbon footprint and reduce our reliance on carbon offsetting.