Barista Secret to Better Tasting Coffee - Distribution

Ready to improve your coffee at home game? You need to try our barista secret called distribution. Watch the video to discover how an even extraction leads to better flavour in the cup.

What you will need


  1. Dose your freshly ground coffee into your portafilter. Pro tip - using scales will ensure a consistent dose every time.
  2. Distribute your coffee evenly throughout your filter basket using your preferred method. We recommend any of the following:
  • Tapping method. This will gently level out the coffee bed.
  • The North, South, East, West method. Here you push the coffee to each of the four points in the basket filling in the gaps along the way.
  • 360 degree rotation motion also known as the Stockfleth method. Start with your thumb on one side and index finger on other side of the basket. Push the coffee around the edge of the basket and stop when your finger gets to where you started. Repeat till the coffee bed is flat.
  • Use a distribution tool. Simply spin on top of the basket producing a surface perfectly flat for tamping.
  1. With each of these methods the aim is not to push down the coffee as this will change the density. No matter which method you choose any distribution is better than no distribution and will improve the flavour of your coffee.

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