How to pour a Rosetta

Lachlan Hall our resident Victorian Barista Trainer, takes us through the steps of how to pour a Rosetta.

What you will need


  1. Once you have perfectly textured your milk it’s important to use it straight away.
  2. Spin or swirl your milk to create a glossy texture. You can also swirl the espresso shot to break up any oils which will ensure the coffee and milk incorporate evenly.
  3. Tilt your cup slightly and start pouring in your textured milk, high and slow. Hold the crema, pouring over any white that may appear.
  4. Once the milk is ¾ from the top, drop your jug low, with the tip almost touching the surface of the milk, ensuring the position of the tip is at the top of the cup, or the customer’s view.
  5. Keeping your wrist loose, wiggle the jug from side to side, till ripples appear – creating the base of the Rosetta
  6. When the cup is nearly full begin to travel back towards the top of the cup, maintaining the same side to side motion.
  7. When you reach the top of the cup lift the jug off the surface and limit the flow of milk to a thin stream as you cut back through the design to create the stem of the Rosetta.

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