How to pour a Heart

When trying to master latte art the heart is a great place to start. Watch Australian Latte art champion, Erin Sampson show you how to do it.

 What you will need

  • Fresh cold milk or your choice of alternate milk
  • Freshly prepared espresso shots
  • Different sized milk jugs
  • Espresso machine


  1. The heart is a great way to start your latte art journey. A few simple movements and you will pouring hearts.
  2. Once you have everything ready to go you want to start pouring high and slow just piercing the crema.
  3. Keep it slow and move around in little circles so you retain that dark surface and don't wash out the crema.
  4. Once you reach about 3/4 full drop down and hover just over the surface with the tip of the jug in the lower half of the cup.
  5. Increase the flow and add a little wiggle to create some fine lines and help push out the foam.
  6. When you reach the top of the cup come up and high and cut through with a fine line to finish of the heart.

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