How to pour Swan Lake

In this video National Barista Champion Runner Up, Jade Jennings take you through the steps to pour the design Swan Lake. 

What you will need


  1. Once you have perfectly textured your milk it’s important to use it straight away.
  2. Spin or swirl your milk to create a glossy texture. You can also swirl the espresso shot to break up any oils which will ensure the coffee and milk incorporate evenly.
  3. Tilt your cup slightly and start pouring in your textured milk, high and slow. Hold the crema, pouring over any white that may appear.
  4. Once the milk is ¾ from the top, drop your jug low, with the tip almost touching the surface of the milk and ensuring to position the tip is in the center of the cup.
  5. Keeping your wrist loose, wiggle the jug from side to side, till some ripples appear on the surface, creating a dot.
  6. Stop pouring. Reposition, moving your jug to then pour just behind that dot, pushing into it, while slowly drawing some ripples on the surface of the crema as you are moving your jug back towards the top of the cup.
  7. Once the ripples are at the top of the cup keeping the tip close to the surface, draw a line down the side of the ripples, turning them into the tail.
  8. Once at the base of the tail, quickly do a U turn with your line, now drawing the neck of the swan parallel to the tail.
  9. At the top of the neck (and cup) drop down to pour a dot and quickly flick through turning it into a heart.

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