Jean-Paul Sutton’s signature drink: 3rd place National Barista Championship (Veneziano Brisbane)

Composed of three parts:

Part 1. Tonka Bean Reduction

The Tonka bean is a spice that’s commonly grown in south and central America. Used throughout Europe in natural medicines, perfumes and fine cuisine, it has an amazing aroma of vanilla bean and the flavor of bitter almonds which pairs really well with espresso coffee.

Part 2. Wild Berry Coulis

Jean-Paul used a process called sperification to make liquid balls from the berry coulis. Served as a shooter, and upon drinking the ball dissolves on the tongue allowing for the wild berry flavours to be enjoyed on their own and not jumbled up with the Tonka bean and espresso flavours

Part 3. Espresso

Served over the Tonka Bean reduction and wild berry coulis ball, Jean-Paul’s  espresso blend was made up of three origin coffees; Indonesian Lumika, Guatemala Finca Liquid Amber and Brazil Datterra from the Sweet Collection. The Lumika provided flavours of ripe berry which matched with the flavours of the wild berry coulis, the Brazil and Guatemalan coffees provided flavours of almond nuts which paired with the Tonka bean flavours.