Microlot Coffee Farm

We’re often asked by new businesses, “What are, and should we offer microlots?”

Put simply, Veneziano Coffee’s microlots are coffees specially selected for their high-quality characteristics. Microlot Coffee can be traced back to a specific farm and varietal. Veneziano Coffee is constantly changing with seasonality and demand. Often a micro-lot coffee is best suited served black..

So, what are the benefits and why should you offer them in your cafe?

Provide your customers with choice
Diversification will often lead to an increase in individual customer spend. Often microlot coffee is best suited served black. With such a unique taste profile, it can drive your customers to change their daily order to include a microlot espresso with their delicious white coffee.

Create a showcase offering
Providing a dynamic offering will lead to increased customer engagement and satisfaction. Use your microlots to educate your customers on specialty coffee and increase rapport. Make your café or venue a destination for coffee lovers.

It’s about the grower and farm
Microlot coffee is an accurate representation of the farm’s terrior* and farming practices. Each farm’s unique geographical position plays an integral part in the coffee’s taste profile. From here, this profile can be manipulated further through processing to achieve the farmers desired taste expression.

Keep it contemporary
In a competitive coffee market, stand out from the pack with a micro-lot coffee offering. Set a tone for the café that perpetuates your vision to be the best and most relevant specialty coffee offering. While you may not see a direct increase in sales, often coffee consumers identify quality with a menu’s extensiveness and even if microlot coffee isn’t for them, they will purchase one of your delicious blended coffees based on this.

Increase your employee ‘coffee I.Q.’
Microlot’s promote the exploration of coffee, and it’s many facets of production. VCR micro-lots are accompanied by extensive farming and processing information sparking intrigue and developing a thirst for knowledge. Our coffee specialists have an in-depth understanding of farming practices and are at your disposal to educate. This will ultimately lead to increased professionalism and grow workplace culture.

Because they’re delicious!!
You will create a memorable coffee experience!

The VCR micro-lot program is constantly changing with seasonality and demand. Check out the website for current releases or if you’re an existing VCR account, don’t hesitate to speak with your coffee specialist.

*terrior – the complete natural environment in which a particular coffee is produced, including factors such as the soil, altitude, and climate.


Microlot coffee can be traced to a specific farm and varietal. Veneziano Coffee Roasters are constantly changing our selection based on seasonality and demand. Often a micro-lot coffee is best suite to being served black. 


1. Colombia Diofanor Ruiz

2. Ethiopia Worka

3. Colombia Villa Maria

4. Costa Rica Finca Las Hermanas

5. Kenya Gathaithi

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