Pinnacle Series – Panama CCD Margot Fuentes

We are pleased to announce the release of Pinnacle Series 03 our selection of ultra-premium nanolots and microlots. Pinnacle Series coffees are typically elusive and usually saved for champion baristas and judges at World Barista Championships. 

The star of Pinnacle Series 03 is a Gesha nanolot from producer, Margot Fuentes that has been processed using the innovative static cherry method with partners, Creativa Coffee District (CCD) in Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama. The static cherry method involves the ripe cherries being anaerobically fermented in plastic circular tanks for 73 hours, before drying on concrete patios for 19 days. Through this process we see more lactic acidity in the cup, darker fruit notes and a big, creamier body. On the cupping table our expert team were blown away by the complexity of flavours including mango, vanilla cream, dried cherry and orange blossom. 

Altitude: 1,500-1,690m 
Processing: Static Cherry 
Varietal: Gesha 
Region: Alto Jaramillo, Chiriqui Province 
Tasting notes: Mango, Vanilla Cream, Dried Cherry and Orange blossom 

Pinnacle Series 03 will be available to pre-order on the Veneziano website from 9am Friday October 22 until sold out. All orders will be roasted and shipped in early November.  

Pinnacle Series 03 is being sold as a gift pack containing a 150g bag and tasting card at a price of $52.50. 

The exclusive launch event for Pinnacle Series 03 will be held at Swish Coffee Brewers in Perth on Friday October 29 at 4pm. 
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