Pinnacle Series

Introducing the Pinnacle Series

Our Pinnacle Series is a selection of ultra-premium coffees, showcasing and celebrating the highest achievement in quality. These are coffees that are elusive, and unattainable – the kind that are saved for champion baristas and judges of the World Barista Championship. In very unique circumstances, we’re super excited to be able to release coffees of this kind as part of our first ever global virtual coffee tasting experience.

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) is the most anticipated event in the coffee industry event calendar. Veneziano Coffee Roasters have attended since the inaugural event in 2012 with the concept of bringing rare and unique coffees to event goers. This year was no exception with these coffees hitting up to $350 a kilo!

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to evolve the way we think and how we get coffee to our customers. What was once destined for the crowds at MICE to experience in a one-on-one cellar door experience will now release as a virtual coffee tasting experience open to customers across the globe. This is excitingly also the first time our coffee will be made available globally!

Included in the pack are two coffees from The Herrera brothers at Café Granja La Esperanza in Colombia; Cerro Azul Honey Gesha and Las Margaritas Anaerobic Natural Sidra. Both these coffees score over 90 points which put them in the top 1% of coffee produced globally. Both are coffees which were sourced by Veneziano because of their top competition level quality. It’s incredibly rare to find coffee of this quality let alone have the opportunity to taste them.

Two coffees from Fazenda California complete the pack; Honeymoon and Tropical Storm, which are highly controlled methods of processing that our good friend Luiz Saldanha Rodriguez has created. They are outstanding examples of what Brazil has to offer when radical and modern processing techniques are applied.

The Pinnacle Series pack will be sold for $40 which includes 40g of each of the four coffees or approximately two cups of each coffee once brewed.

Featured coffees:

  • Fazenda California ‘Honeymoon’ (Brazil) – Obata, Honeymoon process, Cupping score 89
  • Fazenda California ‘Tropical Storm’ (Brazil)- Obata, Tropical Storm process, Cupping score 89
  • Cerro Azul (Colombia) – Gesha, Honey process, Cupping score 90+
  • Las Margaritas (Colombia), Sidra, Natural process, Cupping score 92+

Pre-orders for the Pinnacle Series will be open from 12pm Monday 25th May until 5pm Monday 8th June or until sold out. 

Following their purchase, customers will receive a private link to a virtual cupping session. Led by our Green Bean Buyer Jack Allisey, R+D Consultant & 2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata and resident barista Ben Cheong, customers will learn the story of the producers and their experimental processing techniques that have made this coffee so special.