A Guide to the Different Types of Coffee Beans

Do you know your Arabica from your Robusta? If you're a coffee enthusiast, it's time to take your coffee obsession up a notch and learn more about the different types of coffee beans and what makes each one unique.

Coffee Beans 101

Coffee beans are actually the seeds of a fruit that grows on coffee trees. The trees are native to tropical regions around the world and can grow to be more than 30 feet tall. Most of the world's coffee is produced in Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. The beans are harvested by hand and then either wet-processed or dry-processed. Wet-processing involves soaking the beans in water and then removing the outer skin. Dry-processing involves leaving the beans in the sun to dry before removing the outer skin. Once the beans are processed, they are roasted to bring out their flavour. The roasting process is what gives coffee its characteristic dark colour. After roasting, the beans are ground and brewed with hot or cold water to produce coffee. The type of bean, the roast level, and the brewing method all affect the flavour of the final product. With so many variables at play, it's no wonder that crafting the perfect cup of coffee is an art form unto itself.

Coffee Bean Types and Their Characteristics

Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica)

Arabica coffee beans are the most popular, most produced, and most heavily marketed type of coffee bean in the world. Accounting for more than 60% of global production, arabica coffee beans are prized for their distinctive flavour, which has notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. In addition to its complex flavour, Arabica coffee beans also contain less caffeine than other types of coffee beans. They are often used by coffee shops in black coffee and espresso drinks. Arabica coffee beans are grown in many different countries, but the majority come from Brazil, Columbia, and Ethiopia.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Robusta Coffee Beans (Coffea Caniphora)

Robusta coffee beans are the second most popular type of coffee bean, after Arabica. They are grown in warm climates, at lower altitudes than Arabica beans, and have higher caffeine content. Robusta beans have a strong, bold flavour profile that is often described as "burnt", bitter or "rubbery." This makes them less popular for use in specialty coffees, but they are often used as a cheaper alternative to Arabica beans in mass-produced coffee blends. Robusta coffee beans are best used for coffee blends and espresso. Because of their high caffeine content, Robusta beans are also sometimes used in energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages.

Liberica Coffee Beans (Coffea Liberica)

Liberica coffee beans are the third most popular type of coffee bean. These beans are known for their tart and smoky or "woody" taste profile. Liberica coffee beans are native to central and western Africa, but it is highly tolerant of harsh climates and low altitudes, so it also thrives in countries throughout Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Liberica beans also have a distinct fruity and flowery aroma. These beans are also less dense than Arabica and Robusta beans, which makes them perfect for drip coffee.

Excelsa Coffee Beans (Coffea Excelsa)

Excelsa coffee beans are the fourth most popular type of coffee bean. These beans are known for their dark and nutty flavour profile. Excelsa coffee beans are grown in areas with high humidity in Southeast Asia, which gives them their unique flavour profile. This coffee plant might be difficult to find outside of Southeast Asia, but you may source one from a specialty coffee retailer or roaster.

Why Should You Know Your Bean Types?

Most people know that there are different types of coffee beans, but few know why it is important to know the difference. If you are a coffee drinker, understanding the different bean types can help you to appreciate the unique flavour of each type of coffee. For example, Arabica beans are known for their well-rounded flavour, while Robusta beans have a more bitter taste.

As a result, different types of coffee drinks will have different tastes depending on the type of bean that is used. In addition, knowing the different bean types can also help you to choose the right coffee for your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a coffee with a strong caffeine kick, you will want to choose a coffee made with Robusta beans. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more mellow cup of coffee that is less acidic, Arabica beans would be a better choice. Therefore, understanding the different types of coffee beans can help you to select the right coffee and enjoy its unique flavour.

Now that you know more about the different types of coffee beans, it's time to experiment and find your favourite. Try brewing a cup of coffee with each type of bean and see which one you like best. You might be surprised at how different each one tastes.

How to Choose Which Coffee Beans to Buy

There are so many different types and brands of coffee beans available on the market these days that it can be hard to know which one to buy.

Understand Your Preferences

Do you like your coffee strong or weak? Do you prefer a mellow or bold flavour? Do you like your coffee sweet or bitter? Once you know what you like, it will be easier to choose the right coffee beans for you.

Consider the Origin of the Beans

Another factor to consider when choosing coffee beans is the origin of the beans. Coffee beans grown in different regions will have different flavour profiles. For instance, coffee beans grown in Africa tend to have a fruity and sweet taste, while beans grown in South and Central America tend to be more chocolatey. As a result, the region where the beans are grown can impact the flavour of the coffee.

Consider the Different Types of Roasts

The roast of the coffee bean can also impact the flavour of the coffee. For instance, light-roasted beans will have a more mellow flavour and smooth taste, while dark-roasted beans will have a bolder flavour. Therefore, it is crucial to consider your desired roast when choosing coffee beans.

Different Types of Roasts

Learn the Different Coffee Types

Different Coffee Types

There are many different types of coffee drinks that you can make and some coffee varieties suit certain coffee drinks more than others. For instance, if you want to make a cappuccino, you'll want to use dark-roasted beans with a strong and bold flavour. On the other hand, if you want to make a latte, you can use any type of coffee bean that suits your personal taste. Some of the most popular coffee drinks include:

  • Espresso: A small, strong coffee made with finely ground beans.
  • Cappuccino: A coffee made with espresso and steamed milk.
  • Latte: A coffee made with espresso and milk.
  • Americano: A coffee made by diluting espresso with hot water.
  • Mocha: A coffee made with espresso, chocolate, and milk.
  • Cold brew Coffee: A coffee made by steeping grounds in cold water for 12 hours or more.
  • Flat white: Coffee with milk, similar to a latte

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Find the Right Coffee Beans Supplier

Finally, if you are an avid coffee drinker, it is important to find a reputable specialty coffee supplier who can provide you with high-quality coffee beans. A good supplier will be able to provide you with beans that are fresh and properly roasted. They will also be able to answer any questions you have about the different types of coffee beans.

When it comes to choosing coffee beans, there are numerous factors to consider. However, by understanding your preferences and the different types of beans available, you can easily choose the right beans for you. With so many delicious options available, it's easy to find the perfect coffee bean for your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the world of coffee one type of bean at a time.

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Buy Specialty Coffee Beans from Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Veneziano Coffee Roasters only acquires premium quality beans from coffee producers around the globe, which are then roasted to perfection and blended together to create unique flavour profiles and the most delicious coffee. Whether you're looking for a bold and exciting coffee experience or a delicate and nuanced one, Veneziano surely has a coffee blend that will suit your taste:

Soar Seasonal

Our house blend that is served in all Veneziano flagship cafes. Soar has a medium body that is fruit-forward. It has notes of pineapple, cherry, chocolate malt and honey. It is composed of 34% Colombia Coocentral, 33% Brazil Mantiqueira, 33% Ethiopia Sodu.


Crave is our best-selling blend. It is intense with a full body yet creamy with low acidity. If you prefer your coffee black, Crave can be more of an intense experience. We therefore recommend this bolder blend through milk, with notes of almond, caramel and dark chocolate. It is a blend of 50% Brazil Serra Negra, 30% Colombia Coocentral, 20% India Sethuraman Estate Robusta.


Medium body, velvety blend. Elevate is our all-rounder blend that works well with or without milk. Present are milk chocolate tones, as well as hints of cashews, and spice. It gives off a nutty flavour and a honey finish to give it a sweet taste. It has a blend composition of 50% Brazil Serra Negra and 50% Colombia Coocentral.


Aspire is our organic coffee. It is Australian Certified Organic by the Biological Farmers Association which guarantees no chemicals or pesticides were used in growing, processing or roasting the beans. It is also Fairtrade certified which ensures a better, fairer price for producers.

Glide Decaf

Glide is our decaf coffee beans blend that packs in the flavour without the caffeine. It is produced using the Swiss Water Process and is a blend of Brazil and Colombia beans. Glide Decaf is perfect for coffee drinkers who are trying to cut on their caffeine intake.

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