How to pour a swan

Get set to transform your latte art at home game? Watch the video as our barista trainers guide you on how to pour a beautiful swan - swan lake anyone!

What you will need


Steps to pour a swan

  1. Prepare your espresso shot and steamed milk.
  2. Gently fill your cup up to about the halfway mark. Limit the movement of your jug to keep the crema intact.
  3. Drop the tip of your jug into the centre of the cup and wiggle side to side to begin to create the body of the swan.
  4. Pull the jug backwards while wiggling to create the swan's wing.
  5. Drag the tip of the jug down inside of the wing towards the base of the body to begin the neck.
  6. Snake the jug outwards to create the chest and back inwards to draw the curve of the neck.
  7. Finish with a small heart for the head.
  8. Enjoy and feel free to share your results with us on our socials @venezianocoffeeroasters

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