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17TH May, 2017

3 reasons we love the Moccamaster

3 reasons we love the Moccamaster

As tastes change and the appreciation of specialty coffee grows, filter coffee and single origins are becoming an increasing demand of consumers and thus a growing trend on cafe menus. However, for the cafe owner, it can be time intensive and expensive to create using traditional pour over or syphon methods. Enter the Moccamaster. A coffee machine that creates consistently brewed filter coffee. In only 5 – 6 minutes the Moccamaster brews 1.25 litres of smooth, full flavoured coffee that brings out the true character of each origin. And best of all, it’s extremely affordable.

Reasons why we love the Moccamaster:

From a brewing expert, to a home novice, the machine’s ease of use allows you to brew the same cup each time.
Novice – comes with scoop and markings to fill water. The temperature is stable coming out of the spout and the flow rate is constant for repeatable brewing.

Cafe users & coffee professionals – Those who would use scales and filtered water recipes: The features of constant water temperature and flow rate allow for you to experiment with other variables to make that great cup and do it over and over again.

Cafe Owner – It is cost effective which allows you to source quality coffee at a great price. Filter coffee started in Melbourne for example as a V60 pour over or syphon, and it would cost $8-10 per cup.  This was not only because of bean price, but labor charge as these methods are labor intensive and slow to make. The Moccamaster means the same great filter coffee can be in your customers’ hands, easier and cheaper for all. It only takes 5 – 6 minutes to brew a total of 1.5L of coffee. Brew directly into the carafe and pour directly into your customers cup.

This cheaper serving price means more people have access to beautiful filter coffee and you can keep with changing consumer demands. Not everyone is comfortable paying $10 for a cup that takes 10-15 minutes to make. A carafe or thermos of hot, delicious filter coffee that is served faster than any espresso, has meant more customers are willing to try it and have fallen in love with filter coffee

Home user – It may be more expensive than other brewers but its consistency and ease of use allows you to buy and make better coffee by saving money and time brewing.

The Moccamaster is not plumbed which allows people to experiment with different water recipes (refer Veneziano water blog) to make that perfect cup. You are not bound by the water supply in your area that may affect your espresso machine. In addition, it is relatively small and compact, and it’s sleek design aesthetic will look at home on any bench in the cafe or at home.

More about the Moccamaster:

Handmade in the Netherlands, this filter coffee machine will give you consistent cups of filter coffee every time. They are iconic in coffee circles around the world for quality and precision and because they produce a delicious cup of coffee.

“When the guys decided to show me just how easy the Moccamaster is to use, I was worried that they would watch me make a disastrous attempt of making filter coffee. I followed very few instructions, released the hatch and before I knew it the delicious coffee was dripping into the pot. I passed my first brew test! Just try not to forget to turn the power on…oops!”

How it works:

A powerful copper heating element is the key to reaching the correct temperature quickly and efficiently and to keeping it consistent throughout the brewing cycle. The coffee brew time must also be correct to get the right contact time between the water and the coffee grounds, the Moccamaster meets this criteria. The 5 minute brew time perfectly extracts all the flavours and delicate nuances from the coffee grounds.

All you need to get started is filter paper.

Order your Moccamaster now: or call 13 COFFEE (26 3333).

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